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Preserving rights

Certify the images, keep track of the licenses sold, and make sure that copyrights are respected


Pictia delivers blockchain certificates of authenticity for images, their origin is saved internationally. As soon as an image is sent to Pictia, the certificate is automatically generated. This certificate is downloadable and valid independently of Pictia.

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Pictia sells the licenses of the images directly on the website of their author, thanks to a plugin to be easily installed without modification of the website in question. The author keeps full traceability on the sales and uses of his images.

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Pictia ensures that rights are respected through the detection of fraudulent use. Once the fraudulent use has been detected, a digital report is made instantly and a amicable settlement procedure can be launched via Pictia by the author.

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Certify, sell and protect my images

Certification of images

100 free certified images every month
Photographer on Pictia
The Pictia certificate of authenticity anchors the link between the author and his or her image in stone. Thanks to blockchain technology, it is completely immutable. The proof of its existence will be perennial independently of Pictia. This certificate includes:
  • Author's identity information
  • The computer print of the original image
  • Metadata extracted from the original image
  • Information about the originality of the work
This keeps the origin of the image in memory. This is a real support for the respect of copyrights!

Sale of licenses

All images certified on Pictia, can be sold directly on any website
Pictia plugin on photographer's website
Pictia plugin on Google images
Pictia plugin on photographer's website
Pictia plugin on Google images
Just install the Pictia plugin on a website and all images that have been classified on Pictia in the collection for sale, will be instantly on the site. The site becomes an e-commerce site for selling licenses! The plugin integrates perfectly with the site without changing anything to its design!
  • Certification of images on Pictia
  • Installation of the Pictia plugin
  • There you go! The images on the website are for sale!
Bonus! Pictia plugin is installable in one click on a wordpress site, : acces to the plugin. For a non-wordpress site, in a single line in the header of the site. Visitors can buy the images very easily. Pictia also increases the referencing of the image for more visibility of the author and his image on the internet. What more could you ask for?

Demonstration of the sale with the plugin

The Pictia plugin is installed on this site.
These images are certified on Pictia and their license is for sale!
Rome the city with a demo of the pictia plugin Baseball with a demo of the Pictia plugin

Monitoring of images

Traceability of licenses sold and monitoring on the internet of fraudulent use
Once the license is sold, it is possible to know on which sites and on which URLs the image is used.
The image is no longer lost in the wild...of the web!
Thanks to its intelligent monitoring system Pictia also detects fraudulent uses of the image, even if it has been modified!
Traceability of licenses sold
Intelligent monitoring

A fraudulent use?

Following the detection by Pictia of a potential fraudulent use,
a digital report is made and you can launch an amicable settlement procedure

Blockchain digital report

Scan Scan of the website
Domain Recovery of domain informations
Domain Sending formal notices
How does it works?
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Certify, sell and protect my images
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The Pictia certificate of authenticity is composed of the following elements:
- Author's identity information (public and private)
- Imprint of the original image
- Metadata extracted from the original image
- Originality information of the work (optional)
- Imprint signed by Pictia and anchored in a blockchain of all the above information
- Proof of registration of this certificate in a blockchain.
It is quite possible to certify all images, even those made a long time ago. For an image made with a digital camera we extract its metadata, in which the date of the shooting is included. For a photograph made with a film camera, of which the author has a copy on a digital file, it is possible to add by hand, in a field of the certificate, the date of the shooting.
With the annual package, it is possible to send several thousand images in one go. For this, we have integrated the sending by secure FTP transfer.
For a larger base of images, we can create a custom formula.
Whether as an author, as an agency, or even institution, you can send us your request at any time by mail ([email protected]), or by phone (06 79 96 46 84).
The author must always keep his original files. We keep the print of the original file for the certificate and an optimized version of the file for sale in order to offer Pictia's services at the best price.
To optimize the protection, we keep the EXIF, IPTC, XMP data, we create them if they do not exist in the file sent, and we complete them if necessary.
The price, for a buyer, of a license in unlimited edition, is 50 euros HT. For a limited edition, the price is variable according to the number. Pictia takes 17% commission on the sale.
It is possible to limit the edition of the images, from 20 to 1 unique copy. This will be recorded in its certificate of authenticity, which is issued to the buyer.
The author can choose, at any time, to put up for sale or remove an image from the sale. The plugin will instantly update on the internet.
If the buyer integrates the image to his site with the Pictia plugin, he has the right to use it for 10 years. If he integrates it without the Pictia plugin, he has the right to use it for 1 year.
He can use the image on several websites. Find our license model in our general conditions.
The goal is that the buyer becomes, in turn, a partner in the integrity of the creators' copyrights. To do this, they are encouraged to use the Pictia plugin, as the images are protected and can continue to be sold via their sites. This offers the author a potential recurring income and it also contributes to his notoriety. That's why the license conditions when using the plugin allow for a longer period of use.
The amount of damage required from the fraudster will be transparently communicated prior to any action.
Pictia will not accept any negotiation beyond 10% of the amount requested. And this, only if the fraudster brings us tangible elements to his particular situation.
The author is totally free to choose litigation as soon as an image used fraudulently on a website is detected without going through Pictia litigation management and thus choose his own lawyer. It is possible to purchase the digital report that we have constituted through our solution Chainote.
The digital report that we constitute is composed as follows:
- Certificate of authenticity of your image
- Imprint of the screenshot of the website in fraud
- Imprint of the html code of the website
- Imprint of the image found on the website
- Information (whois) of the domain name
- Webarchive link of this website
Everything is archived on a blockchain.
The evidence is taken automatically when the declaration of the fraudulent use of the image is made, even before the fraudster receives the litigation request. The digital report complies with the AFNOR NF Z67-147 standard, so it is totally similar to the one made by a bailiff.
The digital report Chainote is priced at 50 euros HT. It will support the complaint during a litigation. Our objective: that nothing can be contested.
Certify, sell and protect my images

Our ethics

Respect, transparency and integrity are the three words that define Pictia

The respect of the author's rights is our priority. It is essential for the recognition and the remuneration of the author.


Pictia's operation is totally transparent, whether it's for claim procedure, or regarding how Pictia pays itself.


The integrity of the images is preserved through blockchain technology, a transparent, secure and distributed database. The author's name and data of the images are archived.

The team
Our passion for photography brings us together
Julie-Sarah Marguet
Julie-Sarah Marguet
Co-founder and CEO
François Rossigneux
François Rossigneux
Co-founder and CTO
Julia Sanichanh
Julia Sanichanh
Digital marketing officer
Andgel Ribeiro
Andgel Ribeiro
Fullstack developer
Leïla Menguy
Leïla Menguy
Art Director
Rémi Gosselin
Rémi Gosselin
IT and data science engineer
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